Manage your finishing job shop with a software solution that works!

PFC Software is a complete and easy to use integrated business management software system for finishing job shops. Features include:

  • Create quotes, process orders, manage and track jobs, rework, inventories and more
  • Setup user defined process/operations
  • Generate work tickets with complete job instructions, digital pictures, and barcodes for job tracking
  • Email quotes, invoices, packing lists, and certifications
  • ISO compliance tools
  • Bulk invoicing
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Links to popular accounting packages
  • Optional features and customization to meet your business requirements
  • Multi-user database design for MS Windows® network environments, choose from multiple product levels


PFC Enterprise
Integrated business management software for large-size plating operations.

Shop-floor applications
Hand-held computer and touch screen solutions for coating operations.